Colorado State University Announces Record Enrollment for Fall 2009

Colorado State University welcomed a record total enrollment to campus for the fall, with 25,413 students, including 21,204 undergraduates, 3,671 graduate students and 538 professional veterinary medicine students. This is an increase of 1.6 percent from last year’s total enrollment of 25,011.

A total of 4,285 new freshmen have enrolled this fall, including 3,350 Colorado residents and 935 non-residents. Last year’s freshman enrollment was 4,404.

“Colorado State is proud of the geographic, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of the freshman class. More than 15 percent of freshmen are from ethnically diverse backgrounds, 18 percent of the Colorado residents are Pell-eligible and 60 of Colorado’s 64 counties are represented,” said Jim Rawlins, executive director of Admissions at CSU.

First-generation college students made up 25 percent of this year’s freshman class. The freshman class was selected from a record applicant pool of 15,354 applicants, including 8,467 Colorado residents.

Student interest soared this year in majors in the Colleges of Engineering, Natural Resources and Natural Sciences. CSU’s freshman class is the most academically accomplished in its history with an average high school GPA of 3.57 and 24.6 ACT score.

"Colorado State University remains committed to keeping a college degree as accessible and affordable as possible for a diverse group of Colorado students," said Rawlins. "As part of an extensive general aid plan, our Land Grant Award was given to more than 600 low-income freshmen, and in its 25th year, the First Generation scholarship supported another 51 freshmen of exceptional promise. We are proud to have offered affordable access during these challenging economic times."