Colorado State Department of Anthropology to Host Colloquium Series Lecture Nov. 6

The Colorado State University Department of Anthropology is hosting a lecture in conjunction with the Institute for Landscape, Society, and Ecosystem Change as part of its 2009 Colloquium Series entitled, “The Lost City of Sacapu Angamucu, Michoacán, Mexico,” at 3-4:30 p.m. Nov. 6, in Clark C360 on the CSU campus.

Christopher Fisher, associate professor in the CSU Department of Anthropology, will present results from the Legacies of Resilience: The Lake Pátzcuaro Basin Archaeological Project. This multidisciplinary research project unites archaeologists, geologists and geographers from the United States and Mexico. They explore prehistoric sites to better understand the development of prehistoric societies and relationships between humans and climate change.

The lecture will highlight the summer of 2009 discovery of the Prehispanic city of Sacupu Angamucu and how this discovery can help scientists better understand the development of the Purépecha (Tarascan) Empire.

In his fieldwork, Fisher incorporates archaeological and earth science techniques to map the distribution of ancient settlements, document past and present soil erosion, investigate ancient agricultural features, and excavate archaeological sites. He has worked on archeological sites in the United States, Mexico, Portugal and Albania. Fisher co-edited the 2009 volume, “The Archaeology of Environmental Change: Socionatural Legacies of Degradation and Resilience,” published by University of Arizona Press.

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