CSU Professor Premiers Film About Caribbean Women Entrepreneurs at Howard University Oct. 27

Kate Browne, a Colorado State University professor in the Department of Anthropology, will debut the English premiere of her latest film, “Lifting the Weight of History,” at Howard University on Oct. 27.

“Being invited to premier this documentary at Howard University is an amazing honor and a great privilege for me,” Browne said. “I think Afro-Caribbean women who are at the center of this research will be of interest to many people in the United States because their stories reveal powerful points of connection to African-American women – their economic independence, their own models for running a business, and their complicated relationships with men.”

The film follows five female entrepreneurs in Martinique and explores how their experiences parallel emerging global trends in entrepreneurship. The women’s stories also demonstrate how local cultural histories can powerfully shape contemporary patterns.

The French version of this film aired in France, the French Caribbean and was internationally televised on TV5, the satellite francophone network.

For more information about “Lifting the Weight of History,” visit http://www.liftingtheweight.colostate.edu/. For more information about Browne’s premiere at Howard University, visit www.howard.edu.

Browne also collaborated with Emmy-winning filmmaker Ginny Martin to create the documentary film, “Still Waiting: Life After Katrina,” which aired on PBS stations nationwide. This documentary follows the lives of an African American kin network of 155 people who evacuated New Orleans together after Hurricane Katrina and the impacts this event had and continues to have on their lives. For more information about this film, go to http://www.stillwaiting.colostate.edu/.