Colorado State University’s Alliance High School Program Awarded Innovative Program of the Year

Colorado State University’s Alliance High School Partnership Program was recently honored with the Naviance Innovative Program of the Year Award in Boston, Mass.

The Alliance High School Partnership was created in 2007 to unite students, families, high school personnel and the Colorado State University community in a common goal: to work in partnership to elevate the expectation of students and their families regarding the importance, access and attainability of higher education, and to send a greater number of Colorado students to college.

Through this collaboration, communities define their needs and Colorado State University responds by providing necessary tools and resources to those communities. One of those tools has been to provide Alliance Partner High Schools with Naviance, a leading provider of planning and advising systems with resources for counselors, teachers, administrators, students and parents. Alliance High Schools receive Naviance at no charge for the purpose of working with students on their college and career plans.

Naviance assists schools in modernizing their approach to course, college and career planning allowing students and their families to see how their choices impact their options for post-secondary education. More than 40,000 educators and 5 million students in schools across the United States and 72 countries rely on Naviance to create multi-year success plans, increase academic expectations and transform data into action. Using Naviance’s resources and data analysis, counselors are able to create an individualized student profile that forms the basis for working with the student to create a personalized success plan.

Mary Ontiveros, associate vice president of the Division of Enrollment and Access at Colorado State, accepted the award. Colorado State also received a $2,000 sponsorship for the Summer Institute.

“Counselors, teachers and high school administrators are an important influence in the lives of students,” Ontiveros said. “We want to be sure they have all of the tools necessary to assist students in achieving their full potential.”

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