Colorado State University School of Education Professors Co-Author Two Books on Teaching

Colorado State University professors have used their expertise in teaching to author several books on the topic.

“147 Tips for Teaching Peace and Reconciliation” outlines a range of theories on ending violence with peacekeeping, resolving conflicts through peacemaking and using peace building to develop new skills and attitudes.

The book offers practical ways to actively teach peace within an existing classroom setting as well as how to develop a new peace curriculum. It includes chapters on the language of conflict, rethinking the war and dominance paradigms and building trust.

School of Education Professor William Timpson used his diverse teaching background to co-author the book with Edward J. Brantmeier, assistant professor in the CSU School of Education and Nathalie Kees, associate professor in the CSU School of Education. The professors partnered with Tom Cavanagh, Claire McGlynn and Elavie Ndura-Ouédraogo to compile their personal and professional international peace experience. The authors used knowledge gained from time spent in religiously divided Northern Ireland and Burundi, Africa – an area devastated by years of genocide – to create this peace collaboration.

“Concepts and Choices for Teaching: Meeting the Challenges in Higher Education,” was co-authored by Timpson and Sue Doe, assistant professor in the CSU Department of English. The book serves as a guide for higher education instructors who wish to explore a range of teaching and learning techniques and theories.

The chapters outline concepts like the mastery of learning, training, memory, the importance of classroom climate and cooperative and discovery learning.

“Concepts and Choices for Teaching” includes a foreword by Parker Palmer.

Both books are available through Atwood Publishing. For more information on these books, visit