Media Tip Sheet: Colorado State University Politics Experts on Gov. Ritter’s Decision to Not Run for Re-Election

Note to Reporters: Following is a list of faculty members intended for reporter use only and not for publication. To speak with any of the experts, contact Kimberly Sorensen at (970) 491-0757 or

With the news of Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter’s decision to withdraw from the state’s governor’s race this fall, the following political science professors at Colorado State University have followed Ritter’s time in office and can comment on the state’s upcoming election season.

John Straayer, professor of political science, has more than 40 years experience researching and teaching Colorado politics, and for more than 25 years, he has supervised Colorado State’s internship program at the state Capitol. Straayer can speak on state candidate races, ballot initiatives and referenda and Colorado political history.

Kyle L. Saunders is associate professor of political science. Saunders’ studies and interests include American politics, with particular emphases on public opinion, political behavior, U.S. and Colorado elections, public policy – particularly election administration and energy policy – political parties and political methodology. Saunders’ research has included topics relating to election administration, ideological polarization of the electorate, campaign finance and political parties, electoral politics, and citizen participation and efficacy.

Robert J. Duffy is a professor of political science. Duffy’s research and interests include American politics, with particular emphasis on elections, interest groups and energy policy. He has followed the presidential campaign closely. Duffy’s research has included topics relating to campaign finance, including the role of independent spending in federal elections. He is also interested in environmental politics and policy issues.