Off-Campus Life Makes it Easy to Find Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Life at Colorado State University has developed a new system that gives CSU students exclusive access to rental listings. The new system, called RentalSearch, is an easy-to-use resource for students who are looking for a new place to live.

Using their electronic identification and password, CSU students can log onto to search and list vacant properties, available rooms and potential roommates. Students can choose to search by different criteria and view a wide range of amenities in a more user-friendly way. The property’s location will also be immediately displayed. Listings by landlords, property management companies, apartment complexes, students needing roommates, and students needing to fill rooms are all on the website.

“This site is a vast improvement over the previous system. Searches are quicker, easier, and there are now more options. Listings are also clearer and easier to read,” said Jeannie Ortega, director of Off-Campus Life.

Off-Campus Life offers a number of services to students moving off campus. RentalSearch joins many other resources at Off-Campus Life, including an apartment complex list, property management company links, and resources on codes and ordinances throughout the city.

For more information, contact Off-Campus Life at (970) 491-2248 or