Media Tip Sheet: Colorado State University Experts on Earthquakes

Note to Reporters: Following is a list of faculty members intended for reporter use only and not for publication.

In wake of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Colorado State University experts are available to discuss different aspects of earthquakes.

Nature of Earthquakes
Derek Schutt, assistant professor in the Department of Geosciences, can speak about major earthquakes and deep Earth structure. He can also discuss various geological phenomena associated with Yellowstone. To speak with Schutt, contact Kimberly Sorensen at (970) 491-0757 or

Structural Safety in Earthquake-prone Areas
John van de Lindt, civil engineering professor, can talk about wind damage to light-frame wood construction. Last summer, Van de Lindt along with industry leader Simpson Strong-Tie and other partners successfully led the world’s largest earthquake shake table test in Japan, showing that midrise wood-frame buildings can be built to withstand major earthquakes. Van de Lindt also led a team in the U.S. south in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to study the effects of hurricanes on woodframe structures. His National Science Foundation research involves developing a new design approach for taller woodframe buildings in earthquake-prone areas. To speak with Van de Lindt, contact Emily Wilmsen at (970) 491-2336, (970) 224-6676 or