Colorado State University Releases Draft of Proposed Weapons Control Policy for Campus Review

Colorado State University today distributed a draft of its proposed campus-wide weapons policy to the CSU community for feedback regarding implementation of the plan. The proposed draft policy is available for review online at

On Dec. 4, the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System directed the presidents of each campus to adopt and implement appropriate weapons control policies, including the reasonable control of concealed-carry weapons on campuses. The board directed the presidents to present draft policies at the Feb. 23 Board of Governor meeting for review and approval.
The campus community is encouraged to provide feedback related to the implementation of the policy through Jan. 29 by e-mailing the CSU president’s office at

CSU administration appreciates the feedback it has received from campus and the broader community regarding whether concealed-carry weapons should be allowed on campus. However, the board answered this question in December, and feedback that will now be considered includes suggestions about the definition of a weapon, exemptions, storage, timelines and additional thoughts about how, not if, CSU will implement the policy.

CSU administration will review all relevant suggestions from the campus community and make appropriate changes to the policy before presenting a final draft to the Board of Governors for review at the board’s February meeting in Pueblo.

The draft policy and its risk management approach is consistent with best practices of other colleges and universities. The CSU policy released today is essentially an extension of the campus’ current weapons policy banning weapons, including weapons owned by concealed carry permit holders, in residence halls. This policy now expands those regulations to the entire campus, with certain exceptions.

The draft forwarded to campus prohibits all CSU employees, students, visitors and guests from possessing, using or displaying weapons – including individuals with a concealed-carry permit – on campus without written authorization from the CSU chief of police. This encompasses all areas of campus including buildings, open space, residence halls, parking lots and vehicles.

The policy also allows weapons to be stored for campus community members and visitors at the CSU Police Department. Police will provide this service 24-hours-a-day.

Policy exemptions include certified law enforcement officers who may wear their service firearm while on campus in accordance with federal, state, local law and their department policy; people in the United States military, such as those enrolled in the Army or Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps; and members of a CSU recognized ROTC drill team to the extent they are otherwise legally permitted to possess weapons.

According to the proposed policy, the CSU police chief has discretion to grant written permission to an individual for an exception for educational purposes or for other special circumstances. In addition, the CSU police chief may grant a request for an exemption to carry a concealed weapon on campus if the applicant has a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Larimer County, and there is a specific, serious and on-going threat to his or her safety on campus as shown by a court order of protection, written recommendation from another law enforcement agency or other similar document, that can be reduced by carrying a concealed weapon.