Colorado State University Veterinary Students Host Annual Hospital Open House

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University will host its annual open house from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, April 9 and 10.

The open house includes lectures, demonstrations, tours through the hospital and more than 15 display booths filled with animal information. Topics covered include animal behavior, first-hand experience with elephants in Africa’s wild, tips for becoming a veterinarian, a police dog demonstration and equine first aid.

The open house is coordinated and run by students in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences’ professional veterinary medical program.

The final tour of the day starts at 3:15 p.m. Hospital tours run throughout the day and are usually 30-45 minutes. Large groups are encouraged to make reservations by calling (970) 491-7053. Group reservations are available for Friday only.

Student booths will include information about cats; cows; an opportunity to try milking a goat and pet baby goats; interactive anatomy lessons; animal behavior tips; farm animal arts and crafts; trivia games; a maze race; a mock surgery for youngsters who dress up as veterinarians and perform ‘surgery’ on stuffed animals; information about topics such as pet hospice, pain management, and international veterinary work; a petting zoo; balloon animals; and information about adoption opportunities at shelters.

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital is located at 300 W. Drake Road in Fort Collins. All open house events are free and open to the public. For more information, visit

Lecture schedule
Friday, April 9
9 a.m. — “Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Techniques in Dogs and Cats,” with Dr. Dave Twedt
11 a.m. – “Nemo and Shamu Need Doctors, too,” with Dr. Terry Campbell
1 p.m. — "So You Want to be a Veterinarian?” with Dr. Sherry Stewart
2 p.m. – “Linking Animal and Human Health in the Developing World,” with Dr. Kristy Pabilonia

Saturday April 10
9 a.m. — “My Time with Elephants,” with Dr. Dean Hendrickson
11 a.m. — “Poisonous Plants Affecting Horses and Other Livestock,” with Dr. Tony White

Friday, April 9
10 a.m. — Longmont Police Department Police Dogs, with officers Mike Kimbley and Tim Madigan
12 p.m. — "Handling and Health Screening for Backyard Birds,” with Dr. Kristy Pabilonia

Saturday, April 10
10 a.m. — "A Horse Owner’s Guide to First Aid and Emergency Care,” with Dr. Amber Boring
12 p.m. — "Becoming Best Friends: Changing Your Pet’s Behavior Safely and Scientifically,” with Dr. Jennie Jamtgaard

Booth information

American Association of Bovine Practitioners – An exhibit that provides education about beef and dairy production in the United States including pictures and literature on the importance and unique qualities of the rumen as it pertains to the bovid. The booth also will provide information about the shortage of food animal veterinarians for both the beef and dairy industries.

American Association of Feline Practitioners – Come on by the AAFP booth to learn more about the world of cats. The booth will feature friendly felines and also will post fun, informative posters and x-rays.

American Animal Hospital Association – An interactive display with a combination of fun trivia facts about animals targeting participants of all ages, as well as information about the benefits and mission of AAHA Accredited Hospitals.

American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners – Learn about sheep, goats and camelids and try milking a dairy goat. Newborn baby goats also will be at the booth and visitors will learn about how they are raised.

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine – This booth features an interactive display about the organs of animals, including an opportunity to feel the texture of artificial canine intestines and feline brains, simulated by everyday household items. Visitors also can learn about the function of these organ systems.

Behavioral Club – Join some tiny furry friends as students demonstrate a popular animal training technique — clicker training. This booth also features videos of how to communicate with pets to make training more effective. Visitors also can test their own knowledge on what animals are saying with their behavior.

Christian Veterinary Fellowship Club – Come see how veterinary students and veterinarians are making a difference in places as far away as Africa and Mexico. A slideshow with a series of photos and poster boards reflecting their experiences providing veterinary services to people in need will be on display. Children can stop by for some fun farm animal arts and crafts.

Diagnostic Imaging Club – This booth will have on display digital radiographic images on a 65-inch screen showcasing how the VTH can now enhance radiographic images. Examples of other diagnostic imaging technology used at the hospital such as the MRI and the new PET-CT scanner, fun example cases to look at also will be on hand.

Foal Care -This booth features the stories and photos of volunteers who care for newborn foals at the VTH.

Hospice – Pet Hospice student volunteers offer compassionate end of life care for pets and emotional support and education for their families. This booth shares information for pet owners about Pet Hospice and the Argus Institute, as well as fun activities for the kids.

International Club – Examples of some work that veterinarians, including some CSU vets, do in foreign countries will be displayed.

Laboratory Animal Research Club – The Lab Animal Research Club will have an interactive display with fun trivia facts about the animals involved in research, puzzles and games for kids of all ages and a maze race.

Mock Surgery – The mock surgery booth will allow kids to see if being a veterinarian might be right for them. Children will get to dress up like a surgeon and operate on a stuffed animal. Everyone gets to put on a gown and mask and get their picture taken while participating in the booth and receive a goody bag after surgery.

One Health Club – Kid-friendly activities teach the importance of safe human-animal interactions to prevent the spread of infection from animals to humans and vice versa. A pop quiz on the topic of zoonotic diseases offers a possibility of winning great prizes.

Pain Management Club – As a natural instinct, many animals hide their pain, and it can be difficult for owners to tell how painful a pet might be. Learn about signs of pain and pain management within the veterinary field including physical rehabilitation, acupuncture and pain medications. Kids can play a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey-inspired game related to canine acupuncture.

Pathologics Club – Specimens and histology slides that can be viewed with the microscope and information about pathology, infectious diseases and herd health will be shared. A guessing game involving specimens also will be played.

Petting Zoo -The petting zoo will feature exciting and friendly creatures — new, old, big and small including baby goats, miniature horses and donkeys and a very large draft horse.

Student Association of Veterinary Surgeons – Games that will test dexterity, concentration and mechanical precision, including the game Operation for the kids and a surprise for participants.

Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association – This booth features balloon animals and coloring.

Shelter Club – Learn about local shelters and meet animals that are currently looking for homes. Information about to provide the best care for pets and how to get involved with local shelters is also available.

Veterinary Business Management Association – This booth features games to earn play money to buy fun prizes while teaching kids to manage money and make financial decisions.

Zoological Medicine Society – Live exotic animals will be on display and guests can learn how veterinarians handle the challenging task of treating these cuddly, scaly or aquatic creatures. The booth also provides educational information regarding their basic husbandry for any exotic pet enthusiasts.