Colorado State University’s Amy Prieto, Co-Founder of Prieto Battery, to Talk at Nanotechnology Symposium April 29

Colorado State University’s Amy Prieto, a founder of Prieto Battery, a company that could revolutionize the hybrid/electric vehicle industry, will speak at the university’s Nanotechnology Symposium on Thursday, April 29.

The symposium will bring researchers from across campus together to share research and discuss collaborations. The event will be in the Computer Science Building lobby from 8:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Space is limited. To register, go to

Prieto joined Colorado State University in 2005. She is an assistant professor in the College of Natural Sciences in the Department of Chemistry, and part of the university’s Clean Energy Supercluster commercialization arm, Cenergy. In 2009, Prieto co-founded Cenergy’s first startup company, Prieto Battery, a company expected to produce batteries theoretically up to 1,000 times more powerful and 10 times longer lasting and cheaper than traditional batteries. The development of this technology could revolutionize the military, automobile, and healthcare industries.

In addition to Prieto’s keynote address, the event will also feature an update from the Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance, as well as a poster and award session. The Nanotechnology Symposium is sponsored by Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance and the College of Engineering’s School of Biomedical Engineering.

Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance is a non-profit economic development organization governed by a board of directors whose core represents nontechnology companies in the state. The alliance’s mission is to advance economic development in Colorado, with a focus on the use of nanotechnology.