Colorado State University Announces Record Freshman Class, All-Time High Enrollment

The largest and most diverse freshman class in school history has boosted Colorado State University’s total enrollment to an all-time high. The fall 2010 freshman class of 4,472 surpasses the previous record of 4,404, which was set in 2008. The total enrollment at Colorado State is now 26,356, a 3.7 percent increase over last year.

“We’re proud that Colorado State University continues to attract a growing number of outstanding students – from every county in Colorado and every state in the country – who are attracted to both the character of the campus and CSU’s reputation for academic excellence,” said CSU President Tony Frank.

The incoming freshman class, which is 4.3 percent larger than last year’s class, includes 869 low-income students and a record 740 racially and ethnically diverse students. The average GPA of 3.56 and average ACT composite of 24.5 match CSU’s strongest academic profile. Over 1,000 incoming freshmen will arrive with at least a 3.9 high school GPA.

The freshman class includes a record 3,540 Colorado residents, a 5.7 percent increase over last year. Non-resident freshmen enrollment stayed consistent through the down economy: 932 students this fall compared to 935 last year.

The 740 racially and ethnically diverse freshmen make up 16.5 percent of the class, or 9 percent more than last year’s total of 677 students. They include a record 598 graduates of Colorado high schools from 32 different counties. Among the 740 racially and ethnically diverse freshmen, 91 students identify themselves as Native American or Alaska Native, 157 as Asian American, 149 as African American, 378 as Latino/Hispanic and 21 as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. (These figures add up to more than 740 because CSU gives students the chance to identify themselves as belonging to more than one racial/ethnic group.)

“We are glad to see a growing number of well-prepared students with diverse perspectives, interests and backgrounds join CSU this fall,” said Jim Rawlins, executive director of Admissions. “Our holistic approach to selection gave us the ability to bring in students who were chosen not only for their academic accomplishments, but their potential to make an impact on the campus community.”

While strong academic programs throughout Colorado State are generating increased interest among students, three of the university’s eight colleges experienced significant enrollment growth this fall. Freshman enrollment increased 12 percent in the College of Business, 13 percent the College of Agricultural Sciences and 41 percent in the Warner College of Natural Resources.

The college with the highest freshmen enrollment at Colorado State continues to be Natural Sciences, with more than 750 freshmen in majors such as psychology, computer science and biological sciences. The University Honors Program also continues to grow and will enroll 352 incoming freshmen across all disciplines. These students come to Colorado State with an average GPA of 4.14 and an average ACT composite of 31.

This year’s incoming class includes Colorado residents from 52 counties. More than 2,000 of these freshmen come from high schools in the seven-county Denver metropolitan area, also a record, including a 25 percent increase from schools in Arapahoe County and twice the number of freshmen from the Denver Public Schools compared to last year.

Non-resident students come from 45 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Sixty-six of the non-resident students come from 30 different foreign countries.

Nearly one in four new students will be the first in their family to earn a college degree. Colorado State’s incoming class of 782 Pell-eligible, low-income Colorado residents (22 percent of incoming residents), represents a single-year increase of 30 percent and a 65 percent increase over the incoming class of 2008.

In addition, Colorado State is welcoming its largest incoming transfer class since 2004. The boost in resident and non-resident transfers is attributed to the increase in campus services, especially the Transfer Student Center. Colorado State also will add a Denver-based position this fall to serve prospective students from the metropolitan area’s community colleges.

Overall, the number of incoming transfer students increased by 5.1 percent compared to last year. Among racially and ethnically diverse students, new transfer enrollment increased by nearly 20 percent. This group of 181 enrolling students include 103 who identify themselves as Latino/Hispanic, 38 as Asian-American, 26 as African American, 20 as Native American or Alaska Native, and 10 as Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. Colorado residents account for 1,157 of the 1,423 incoming transfer students.

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