Colorado State University’s Graduate School Announces Record Enrollment for 2010

Colorado State University’s Graduate School welcomed the largest graduate student class on record, with 1,130 new resident instruction graduate students attending the university this year.

After a record-setting number of degrees granted last year – 1,623 master’s and doctorate degrees – Colorado State’s graduate enrollment of 3,864 is the largest resident instruction graduate population in the university’s history. This year’s graduate enrollment represents an increase of more than 5 percent from the previous year. The class is also the most diverse ever, breaking the 10 percent level of traditionally underrepresented graduate students for the first time.

“CSU has made a concerted effort to grow its graduate opportunities over the past six years by focusing on improving student retention, growing graduate assistantships and enhancing benefits,” said Peter Dorhout, vice provost of CSU’s Graduate School. “We have invested in new faculty and new degree programs to attract and keep the best and brightest students in Colorado.”

The largest growth this year has occurred in programs in engineering, liberal arts, natural resources, and public health. More than 1,680 graduate assistantships were available to enable this growth of students on campus in research, teaching and other support positions.

Earlier this month, Colorado State announced that the university’s total enrollment reached an all-time high, boosted by the largest and most diverse freshman class in school history. The fall 2010 freshman class of 4,472 surpasses the previous record of 4,404, which was set in 2008.

The total enrollment at Colorado State is now 26,356, a 3.7 percent increase over last year.