Colorado State’s College of Business Center for Professional Development and Business Research Announces New Programs

Colorado State University’s College of Business is now offering a selection of certificate programs and professional development courses through its Center for Professional Development and Business Research.

These new courses are designed for middle managers and are offered as part of CSU’s Professional and Executive Development Programs within the Center for Professional Development and Business Research. The curriculum is designed to give middle managers in the private and public sectors as well as those in non-profit organizations the opportunity to improve upon their knowledge base in several areas of interest without committing to a full-time graduate degree program. A complete list of Certificate Programs and Professional Development Seminars can be found at

Sonny Lubick, the most successful football coach in the history of Colorado State, will kick off the Center’s new season of course offerings with a breakfast talk on Nov. 5 at the Hilton Hotel in Fort Collins. Coach Lubick will address the importance of ethical leadership and will draw parallels between the situations in athletics and business that may call for decisions that challenge one’s ethics and values.

“As one of the premier Colleges of Business in the western United States, we are committed to providing professional education that will enhance personal and career development,” said Jim Francis, professor and director of the Center for Professional Development and Business Research at CSU’s College of Business. “We are offering unique certificate programs that will provide middle managers with a very practical education which will be especially useful for those individuals who have found themselves in the position of having expanded duties for which they have not been trained.”

Courses are available individually or as part of a larger Certificate Program. Each Certificate requires between four and six courses. On-line registration is available a

Certificate programs include:

– Organization Leadership (first class is Jan. 7, 2011 in Denver)
– Conflict Management and Negotiations (first class is Nov. 19 in Denver)
– Not-for-Profit Leadership (first class is Nov. 12 at The Ranch, Loveland)
– Innovative Marketing (first class is March 25, 2011 in Denver)

Course offerings for the next three months include:

– Marketing for Not-for-Profit Organizations (part of the Certificate in Not-for-Profit Leadership)
The Ranch, Loveland
Friday, Nov. 12, 2010

– Understanding and Capitalizing on Leadership Talent (part of the Certificate in High Performance Management)
EMBA Center – Denver
Friday, Dec. 3, 2010

– Leveraging Gender and Generational Differences in the Workforce (part of the High Performance Management and the NFP Leadership Certificates)
EMBA Center – Denver
Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010

– Physical Fitness & Wellness for Professionals (will count as one course toward any of the certificate programs)
The Ranch, Loveland
Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011

– Strategic Communication for Leaders (part of the Conflict Management and Negotiations and High Performance Management Certificates)
EMBA Center – Denver
Friday, Jan. 21, 2011

Course facilitators include academic faculty, professional managers, entrepreneurs, and consultants who have expertise in organizational management and in conducting pragmatically oriented workshops for professionals. Most classes are available as open-enrollment courses, or as more specialized in-house courses designed to give individual organizations information tailored to their business needs.

For more information about the programs offered or to register for courses, contact Jim Francis, director for the Center for Professional Development and Business Research, at or call (970) 491-6265 or