Media Advisory: Colorado State University’s CAM the Ram 22 Retires; CAM 23 Takes Over Tomorrow, Oct. 30


CAM the Ram is retiring and a younger CAM the Ram is replacing him. The 22nd Colorado State University mascot will officially retire tomorrow, Oct. 30, as the 23rd Rambouillet ram takes his place to fulfill CAM’s duties and carry on the tradition.

Both CAMs will be at Ram Town from 1-3:30 p.m. tomorrow, Oct. 30, before the Colorado State Rams host Mountain West Conference opponent University of New Mexico. At the end of the game’s first quarter, an on-field ceremony in the south end zone will remember the 60-year legacy of CAM, thank the Ram Handlers, and pass the blanket from CAM 22 to CAM 23, officially naming him as CSU’s new mascot.

CAM 22 will be enjoying a life of leisure, grazing on the farm with CAM 23. CAM 22 is seven years old and has been CSU’s mascot for four years.

CAM 23 comes from a farm in Texas that raises Rambouillet rams. He is one-and-a-half years old and has been training with the Ram Handlers since August. They run with him, stand close to him and spend time with him to prepare him for his duties as CAM.

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