CSU Earns Top 5 Ranking for Most Prolific Universities for Research in Environment and Ecology

Colorado State University ranks in the top 5 universities nationally in “U.S. Institutions: Most Prolific in Environment/Ecology, 2005-2009.” The recent ranking, from ScienceWatch of Thomson Reuters, examines the number of peer-reviewed papers published in academic journals over a five-year period.

In the field of environment/ecology from 2005 to 2009, the top five universities are:

1. UC Davis
2. UC Berkeley
3. University of Florida
4. Oregon State University
5. Colorado State University

These institutions, leaders in researching and writing about the environment, contributed the greatest number of academic papers to the field over the five-year period, based on each institution’s percentage of the 144,408 papers published in Thomson Reuters-indexed journals of environment/ecology.

For more information, visit http://sciencewatch.com/dr/sci/10/dec26-10_2.