Media Tip Sheet: Colorado State University Faculty Available to Discuss Egypt Situation

As the situation in Egypt continues to unfold, Colorado State University has faculty members available to discuss this current conflict. Following is a list of faculty members intended for reporter use only and not for publication.

Mostafa Khattab, the head of the Department of Construction Management at Colorado State University, is a native of Egypt and continues to travel there often for CSU projects in the area. As a native Egyptian, Khattab can provide context about the history behind the current conflict as well as the role of U.S. higher education in addressing international stability. Khattab also has personal antidotes about his efforts to provide job opportunities and education to the people of Egypt. To speak with Khattab, contact Dell Rae Moellenberg at (970) 491-6009 or

Fatma Abdelrahman is a visiting Fulbright scholar from Giza, Egypt, and a teaching assistant of Arabic in CSU’s Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. She is interested in cultural approaches of Western and European countries. She also wants to help dispel misconceptions Americans have toward Middle Eastern cultures. Abdelrahman received her English Literature degree from Cairo University. To speak with Abdelrahman, contact Kimberly Sorensen at (970) 491-0757 or

Gamze Cavdar is an assistant professor of political science at CSU. Cavdar’s research interests include Middle East politics with emphasis on Islamist movements, democratization and gender. She has published on Islamist groups in Turkey, Egypt and Jordan as well as electoral processes in Iraq and Palestinian territories. To speak with Cavdar, contact Kimberly Sorensen at (970) 491-0757 or