Colorado State University Engineering Professor, Billiards Expert to Kick Off Innovation Breakfast Series on March 8

David Alciatore, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Colorado State University, is also a billiards expert who uses the mechanics of pool to help students learn mechanical engineering and physics principles.

Alciatore will speak about the physics and engineering of pool on Tuesday, March 8, in Boulder as part of the university’s Innovation Breakfast Series. The talk, “The Physics and Engineering of Billiards,” will be 7:30-9 a.m. at the Boulder Marriott, 2660 Canyon Blvd., Boulder. The event is open to the public; cost is $20, and reservations are encouraged by calling (970) 491-3358 or by e-mailing

Alciatore is author of the innovative book, “The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards,” as well as several popular academic websites. His billiards site,, contains a shot-by-shot anthology of pool and billiards techniques and principles including technical analysis and high-speed video clips. Alciatore is also a monthly instructional columnist for Billiards Digest magazine.

Other lectures planned this spring for the Innovation Breakfast Series (all lectures are 7:30-9 a.m.):

March 22, Denver: Larry Roesner, Harold H. Short Chair of Civil Engineering Infrastructure Systems, will present “Rebuilding Chile’s Water Infrastructure after the 2010 Earthquake” at the Sheraton Denver Tech Center, 7007 S. Clinton St. After the 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit Chile in 2010, Roesner, a renowned urban water management expert, traveled to Chile to help rebuild the country’s water infrastructure.

March 29, Fort Collins: Brad Reisfeld, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering at CSU, will discuss ways to use engineering to more effectively treat infectious disease at the Fort Collins Hilton, 425 W. Prospect Road. Reisfeld uses engineering and mathematic modeling to better understand and predict the effectiveness and toxicity of drugs and other compounds in the body.

April 5, Denver: Carmen Menoni, professor of electrical and computer engineering at CSU, will discuss emerging applications for extreme ultraviolet technology at the Sheraton Denver West, 360 W. Union Blvd. In 2008, Menoni helped to develop a tabletop microscope that R&D Magazine recognized as one of the top 100 most significant technological advances that year. Her presentation on April 5 will discuss additional applications for using EUV light.

The Innovation Breakfast Series provides an opportunity for alumni and members of the community to learn more about university programs, technological trends and innovative research projects.