Annual Cat Care Conference at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is April 23

Colorado State University veterinary students are hosting the annual Cat Care Conference on Saturday, April 23, at the Junior Lecture Hall in the university’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, 300 W Drake Road. The conference for cat owners begins with a free breakfast at 8:30 a.m.; lectures start at 9 a.m.

Discussion topics include enrichment for the indoor cat, common feline geriatric diseases, household poisons and respiratory disorders commonly seen in cats. Students also will host a 50-minute Q-and-A session where burning cat questions will be answered.

The day’s scheduled lectures include:
– “Cats live longer lives: How to keep them (and you!) from going insane!” presented by Dr. Jessica Quimby. This lecture will provide cat owners with tools to keep indoor cats happy, prevent them from getting bored and help to stop problem behaviors. Quimby will briefly touch on some of the challenges that indoor cats face and give ideas to cat owners about how they may create an enriching cat environment. 
– “Common diseases of the aging feline patient: Signs that every owner should watch for,” presented by Dr. Katharine Lunn. This lecture will discuss some of the most common diseases that afflict aging cats and will provide useful information regarding clinical signs that owners can look out for.
– “Do cats get colds? Understanding sniffling and sneezing in cats.” Dr. Michael Lappin will discuss a very common problem of feline patients – runny noses and eyes. 
– “Common feline household toxicities: what you don’t know can hurt them,” presented by Dr. Timothy Hackett. Learn about some very common poisons that could be lurking under the kitchen sink or on the table.

Each lecture is 40 minutes with a brief question-and-answer period. A 50-minute question-and-answer period also will follow the lecture series.

The conference is free and includes breakfast and lunch. Registration is required due to limited space. Registration can be made by emailing with the names of all people attending, a contact email and phone number.

Donations are appreciated. A portion of the donations will benefit the Fort Collins Cat Rescue, Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals and Duncan’s Place.