Colorado State University Veterinarians Enrolling Female Dogs in Surgery Study

Colorado State University veterinarians are looking for unspayed female dogs to participate in a clinical trial evaluating a potential method to decrease discomfort and pain associated with spay surgeries.

Dogs in the trial will be spayed using a minimally-invasive surgery technique. Veterinarians at the university’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital will investigate the use of a specific kind of port that holds small incisions open to allow cameras into the abdomen. The cameras guide the surgeons during ovary removal surgery, a procedure that does not remove other reproductive organs.

Other studies have shown that the technique assists in minimally-invasive surgery, which reduces pain in human patients undergoing abdominal surgeries. This study will review the technique for use in veterinary settings.

Dogs selected for the study will receive the spay surgery at a discounted price. Clients must pay the initial consult to determine if their dog qualifies. In addition to being in good health, dogs must be between six and 18 months of age, meet basic weight requirements and not be pregnant. After surgery, dogs stay one or more nights at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for observation.

The clinical study is part of an ongoing commitment to study minimally-invasive and pain-reducing surgical techniques at the VTH.

For information about a consultation and the study, call Dr. Dave Wilson at (970) 297-5000.