Colorado State University Political Science Professors Write about Colorado’s Changing Politics in Timely New Book

Colorado State University political scientists Courtenay Daum, Robert Duffy and John Straayer, in their new book entitled, “State of Change: Colorado Politics in the Twenty-First Century,” examine significant recent changes in Colorado’s political landscape. They suggest that more change is on the horizon.

In their new book, which includes chapter contributions from colleagues at Colorado State and other universities, they analyze Colorado congressional elections, major changes in Colorado’s legislature and fiscal policy, the initiative and referendum process and more.

As was the case in the 2008 presidential election, Colorado will again be gaining recognition as an important swing state in the 2012 elections. As a state in which one third of the electorate is unaffiliated, and where Democrats and Republicans alike have enjoyed successes and failures, Colorado will again become a campaign hotbed.

“State of Change,” published by the University Press of Colorado, is the most up-to-date analysis of Colorado government and politics. According to James A. Null, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs political science professor, the book is “a rare and comprehensive examination of the state’s political system and a good historical record of the evolution of our state.”

The book is available for sale through University Press of Colorado at