Seeking Applications for Colorado State University’s Native American Legacy Award

Colorado State University’s Native American Legacy Award is currently accepting applications for eligible students for the spring and fall 2012 semesters.

The Native American Legacy Award intends to give back to eligible non-resident students who identify with one of Colorado’s original Native American tribes.

“The creation of this award is the culmination of efforts by students, staff, faculty, administration and the Board of Governors to recognize the original residents of Colorado and to reduce the financial burden for these students who are seeking a post-secondary education, especially in these tough economic times,” said Ty Smith, director of CSU’s Native American Cultural Center. “Eligible students transferring from tribal colleges and universities will benefit as well.”

The Native American Legacy Award will offer tuition for the 2011-2012 academic year at resident base tuition plus $500. For non-resident undergraduates and graduate students, this can be from 55 percent to 60 percent difference in tuition.

An award-eligible student is any incoming student who is:
• a non-resident Native American student at CSU who is enrolled/registered in one of the federally recognized tribes that has a historical legacy of occupation in Colorado;
• full-time status;
• degree seeking;
• an undergraduate or graduate; or
• an accredited tribal college transfer non-resident student who is enrolled in any federally recognized tribe and who has at least 30 transferable credits.

Students should submit their CSU admissions application by Feb. 1, 2012, if they intend to enroll for the fall term. The Native American Legacy Award application should be turned in no later than 15 days before the start of the academic term for which the student is applying.

The Native American Legacy Award became effective May 31, 2011, when Colorado State University’s Board of Governors approved the award that recognized the original residents of Colorado.

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