Annual Cat Care Conference Slated by Colorado State University Veterinary Students

Colorado State University veterinary students are hosting the annual Cat Care Conference on Saturday, April 7, at the Junior Lecture Hall in the university’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, 300 W. Drake Road. The conference begins with a free breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and lectures starting at 9 a.m.

The day’s scheduled lectures include:

– "Setting the mood: Natural Stress Busters for the Feline Pet,” presented by Dr. Narda Robinson. Robinson will discuss research on music therapy for cats, the science of aromatherapy for cats and various bodywork techniques that can reduce stress in the home and hospital settings.

– “Feline dental health,” presented by Dr. Camille Torres. This session will cover the most common feline dental conditions.

– “How to increase your cat’s lifespan,” presented by Dr. Michael Lappin. Lappin will discuss methods and preventive measures that will help your cat live a healthy and long life.

– "Feline low urinary tract disease,” will cover how cats behave when they are experiencing a urinary tract disease issue and when it is time to seek veterinary care.

Each lecture is 40 minutes with a brief question-and-answer period. A 50-minute question-and-answer period follows the lecture series.

The conference is free and also includes free breakfast and lunch. Registration is required, as space is limited. Register by e-mailing and including the names of all people attending, a contact e-mail and phone number. Updates and more information are available at

A portion of the proceeds and donations will benefit Fort Collins Cat Rescue, Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals and Duncan’s Place.