Colorado State University Offers Therapy to Help Couples and Children Resolve Conflict

Colorado State University’s graduate program in marriage and family therapy can help couples who are experiencing conflict build healthy, safe and long-lasting relationships while also helping them build positive social skills through an innovative counseling approach.

Beginning in mid-April, group therapy sessions for couples experiencing relationship conflict will be available.

“This group benefits couples who feel that they are unable to effectively resolve conflict within their relationships and need some new tools to strengthen their relationship,” said Jen Krafchick, a professor and therapist in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Colorado State. “The group approach we’ll use is based on scientific evidence and has helped many couples feel safer and more optimistic about their relationship.”

To participate, both partners must be committed to staying in the relationship, willing to attend all group sessions and be 18 or older. All couples go through an assessment to determine their eligibility. The couples meet for two hours an evening every week for 18 weeks. Child program services are provided during the group sessions for children 3-18 years old.

The sessions are available through the university’s Center for Family and Couple Therapy and are partly supported by Larimer County funding.

For more information, contact the Center for Family and Couple Therapy at (970) 491-5991 or visit A range of counseling services for families, couples and individuals are available through the center on a sliding-fee scale.