Health and Exercise Science Professor Hickey Named Colorado State University Distinguished Teaching Scholar

Note to Reporters: A high resolution photo of Matt Hickey is available upon request.

Matthew Hickey, a professor in the Department of Health and Exercise Science, was named a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar in recognition of his exceptional teaching skills, his ability to make connections with students as a mentor and his leadership in ethics in research and teaching at the university.

The recognition was announced during the annual Celebrate! Colorado State awards ceremony. University Distinguished Teaching Scholar designation honors faculty members for outstanding teaching and for their continuing commitment to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning.

“Dr. Hickey’s students write amazing testaments to his remarkable teaching style which involves engaging the student in the learning process,” wrote Jeff McCubbin, dean of the College of Applied Human Sciences. “His love, passion and enthusiasm for teaching are infectious. He strives not only to teach, but to engage, motivate and inspire his students.”

Hickey, who came to Colorado State in 1997, has been recognized numerous times for his talents and expertise in teaching, including receiving national acclaim for undergraduate student research mentoring as well as being recognized with multiple teaching awards given by CSU students and administrators.

Hickey also is recognized for his work in teaching research ethics as well as developing programs around research ethics for professionals at CSU. He chairs the Institutional Review Board, which oversees research integrity at the university, and was involved in the Ethics Infusion Program, which is aimed at teaching CSU faculty how to infuse their curriculum with ethics. In addition, Hickey supports student learning through his extensive service in the area of undergraduate research. He serves on the advisory committee for the Office for Undergraduate Research and Artistry, the steering committee for CSU’s Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity and is a member of the faculty advisory board for the Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence.

Hickey is director of the Human Performance Clinical/Research Laboratory, a research and outreach program which the university has designated as a Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence since 2008. The laboratory serves as a center for research and outreach to educate the public about major chronic disease etiology, prevention, intervention and treatment. Research projects in the laboratory focus on aspects of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and degenerative conditions associated with aging.

Hickey’s own research interests address human metabolism, including the impact of diet and exercise on insulin sensitivity, insulin signaling and skeletal muscle structure and function.

In nomination materials submitted for the award, Hickey said that, for him, teaching “is first and foremost great fun.”

“It goes without saying that a passionate teacher who has both high expectations and an extra measure of patience in the engagement process is far more likely to have passionate students,” Hickey said.

The designation as a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar remains with the recipient until he or she leaves the university. Scholars are chosen in an open process that begins with the selection of nominees by departments throughout campus.