Media Tip Sheet: Colorado State University Experts Available to Discuss Aurora Shootings

Note to Reporters: Colorado State has experts willing to discuss various aspects of the tragic July 20 shooting in Aurora. The tip sheet is intended to provide resources to the media but not contact information for the public.

Guns and violence in society
Prabha Unnithan is a professor of sociology and director of the Center for the Study of Crime and Justice at CSU. His co-authored book, The Currents of Lethal Violence, received the 1995 Distinguished Book Award from the Mid-South Sociological Association. His recent co-authored books are Guns, Violence and Criminal Behavior, and Policing & Society: A Global Approach. To speak with Unnithan, contact Tony Phifer at or (970) 491-7712.

Social psychology, theories on aggression
Jennifer Harman, an assistant professor of social psychology, can talk about social psychology research and theories on aggression. She is a co-author of “The Science of Relationships,” a book that uses scientific research to address everyday questions about relationships. To speak with Harman, contact Emily Wilmsen at or (970) 491-2336.