Colorado State University Announces Record $111.6 Million in Fundraising

Note to Reporters: Brett Anderson, vice president for University Advancement at Colorado State University, will be available for interviews by calling (970) 491-7530.

Colorado State University announced today the most successful year of private fundraising in university history, with philanthropic support from donors, alumni and friends increasing to $111.6 million, a 31 percent increase compared to the previous fiscal year.

Colorado State also set a record for the number of donors – just shy of 32,000, a 14 percent increase over last year. Of that total, 10,813 are undergraduate alumni donors, an increase of 16.2 percent over fiscal year 2010-11. The fiscal year ended June 30.

“CSU continues to buck the national trends for fundraising, and Colorado State’s unparalleled single-campus fundraising numbers make a strong statement about the tremendous support the university enjoys from alumni and friends,” said Brett Anderson, vice president for University Advancement. “Colorado State is extremely grateful to all of the generous donors who are committed to supporting the university’s world-class academic programs and research endeavors.”

In addition, today’s announcement marks the official and enormously successful close of the Campaign for Colorado State University, which has transformed the campus – and the future – of CSU by raising $537.3 million primarily for scholarships and academic programs.

This major fundraising initiative – the first of its kind at CSU – has provided richer opportunities for research, outreach and access to world-class education. The campaign reached its goal of raising $500 million six months early and, thanks to the generosity of nearly 95,000 donors, surpassed that goal by nearly $40 million by the campaign’s end June 30.

“Through the campaign, supporters of CSU have sent a strong message: Higher education at Colorado State University is critical to our future, and we are committed to excelling as a world-class research university,” said CSU President Tony Frank. “This campaign has shone a spotlight on the extraordinary achievements of our students and faculty and set a new standard for what we can achieve in partnership with donors, alumni, and the community. We’re enormously grateful to everyone who made it such a success.”

The campaign, which began in 2005 with a goal of transforming the university on every level, raised $537.3 million despite being launched during one of the worst economic climates in recent history. Colorado State has consistently bucked national fund-raising trends, closing the seven-year campaign this year by raising a record one-year total of $111.6 million.

“This campaign has taken CSU to a new level in stature, accessibility for students, and the highest quality of education,” Anderson said. “We have established a new culture of philanthropy at CSU, and Ram pride is running deep.”

Impact of giving evident

The money raised is making a tremendous impact on students, faculty and staff, programs, and the physical campus.

During the campaign, 15,783 scholarships have been awarded and $63 million raised for new scholarships. Those scholarships have helped create record enrollment and attract students with the highest academic records in the university’s 142-year history.

Support for faculty is one of the most important features of the campaign, which created 16 endowed chairs and professorships to provide greater support for excellent teaching and research. Private gifts raised during the campaign have enhanced academic programs in all of the university’s eight colleges and more than 150 programs of study.

In addition, 41 academic, research and athletics facilities have been built or renovated, either partially or entirely through private funding.

“The results of this campaign are visible through some of the most environmentally responsible buildings, state-of-the-art labs, and advanced facilities for our students and student-athletes for generations to come,” said Anderson.

The campaign also raised awareness of the changing tide of funding in higher education. Despite the economic downturn and continued cuts in state funding, CSU received donations from 34,265 alumni totaling $85 million. Donors from every state and 55 countries contributed.

“We’ve completed our first campaign, but we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the need for private giving to public universities,” said Frank. “To put the impact of giving into perspective, the $40 million we raised over our goal is enough to pay tuition and fees for about 5,000 Colorado students for one year.”

The record annual fundraising total for 2011-12 eclipsed the university’s previous best, established in 2005-06, by more than $16.7 million.

Highlights of CSU’s first-ever comprehensive campaign include:

• $537.3 million raised
• 94,200 donors
• 15,783 scholarships awarded
• $63 million raised for new scholarships
• 16 new endowed chairs and professorships
• 41 facilities built or renovated
• 68 donors of $1 million or more
• 34,265 CSU alumni donors
• 520 new planned gifts

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