Best Colleges Online: Colorado State University One of Top 15 Universities Fighting World Hunger

Colorado State University’s School of Global Environmental Sustainability has been recognized by Best Colleges Online among the 15 top universities in the nation fighting world hunger.

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability, known as SoGES, serves CSU by connecting campus expertise for research in “soil sustainability, disease-resistant crops, energy, waste, livestock and more meant to keep regions best supplied with necessary nutrition without violating human rights or environmental well-being,” the Best Colleges listing said.

The listing recognizes SoGES as a leader in food security research and its eco-friendly approach to worldwide hunger. Other universities mentioned include Harvard University, Auburn University, Kansas State University and Washington State University.

The full list of the “15 Colleges Fighting World Hunger” is available online at

SoGES galvanizes all eight colleges at Colorado State to provide interdisciplinary research and education on problem-solving for sustainable issues. Working with the College of Agricultural Sciences – a leader in research on food security – and with a committed faculty in other colleges and centers across campus, the school prepares students to address the multiple economic, environmental and societal challenges of global sustainability through engagement in broad-based research and technology, curricular and outreach initiatives.

Besides food security and hunger, SoGES has inspired integrated research by funding faculty to work together from different colleges on research issues that interface climate change, energy, environmental governance, sustainable cities, land use, water and biodiversity. To learn more about SoGES dedication to food security, visit