Colorado State University Introduces New Online Certificate to Help Food Business Entrepreneurs Navigate Government Regulations

Colorado State University’s new online “Developing a Safe Food Business” certificate is designed for anyone selling foods created in their home directly to the consumer. From those planning to start a food business in a home kitchen to those thinking smaller scale, such as selling homemade foods at a farmers market, this safe food-handling certificate will help entrepreneurs navigate the many government regulations and requirements involved.

The curriculum addresses high-altitude environments, specific to the Rocky Mountain Region; the online format affords students the flexibility to take the course from anywhere.

Covering two topics a week for eight weeks, the course takes students through many of the food safety practices and health regulations needed to start a food company, including:

• Sound manufacturing practices and sanitation
• Food safety guidelines
• Storing and transporting foods
• Allergens
• Labeling
• Ingredients and final products
• Business planning, marketing, and budgeting
• Documentation and recordkeeping

The course also shares practical examples, useful tips and resources to help with students’ business endeavors. Upon completion of this food safety course, students will have developed the start of their company’s standard operating procedures, created a food label, begun their business plan and much more.

Instruction for the “Developing a Safe Food Business” certificate is provided by Colorado State Extension professionals from around the state and led by CSU Extension employees and faculty from the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

The first section of the course will run from March 24 through May 18 and registration is open now.

To learn more about this certificate program, visit or contact Mike Macklin, student services representative for the program, with any questions at 970-491-7583 or

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