Colorado State University Veterinarians Need Picky Felines for Study on Chronic Kidney Disease Drug

Colorado State University veterinarians are looking for cats with chronic kidney disease who are picky eaters to participate in a clinical trial.

Veterinarians are testing a new drug, known as maropitant citrate (Cerenia R), that has recently gained popularity because it has desirable effects for cats including significant anti-vomiting properties, said Dr. Jessica Quimby, who is conducting the study.

“We believe that this medication could improve the appetite of cats who are ‘picky’ eaters due to their chronic kidney disease,” Quimby said.

Kidney disease is a very common ailment particularly in older cats.

Cats potentially eligible for the study must have:

• Stable chronic kidney disease (not currently hospitalized or experiencing complications)
• No other significant concurrent disease
• Creatinine – a measure of kidney health – between 2.0 and 5 mg/dl
• A picky appetite

Diagnostic tests required for enrollment include a biochemistry profile, complete blood count, urinalysis, urine culture, blood pressure and thyroid measurement. Samples can be sent to CSU to perform the required T4, CBC and urine culture free of charge. Cats enrolled in the study will receive the medication by mouth for two weeks. Two office visits are required for the study.

Cats can be enrolled either at CSU or at their regular veterinary clinic. People interested in the study should contact their veterinary clinic. Veterinarians will be reimbursed for the exam visits, and will receive a $100 incentive for helping cat owners complete the study. Shipping labels for all samples will also be provided.

For more information about enrolling a cat in this study, contact Dr. Jessica Quimby at