Colorado State University Makes Top 16 in ‘March Madness’ for Environmental Studies, Sustainability for Second Year

For the second year in a row, Colorado State University has been named as one of the “Sustainable 16” schools in Enviance Inc.’s annual March Madness Tournament that rewards excellence in environmental academics and sustainability.

“It is an honor for Colorado State to be selected twice for this tournament and the recognition shows that our programming – which is dedicated to students having an environmental course, program or experience – is having an impact,” said Diana Wall, University Distinguished Professor and director of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability or SoGES, which submitted a nomination to the contest.

Colorado State is the only university from Colorado named and one of five schools to be selected twice.

“CSU is continuing to create a foundation that prepares students to address the economic, environmental, and societal issues of global sustainability through research, curricular and outreach opportunities,” Wall said.

The tournament, created last year by Enviance, is designed to evaluate colleges on criteria including environmental degree programs, environmental opportunities for students and campus efforts in sustainability.

“The judges chose the top ‘Sustainable 16’ schools from a competitive group of institutions, which all demonstrated commitment to the environment through both their environmental degree programs and on-campus initiatives,” said Lawrence Goldenhersch, president and CEO of Enviance, in a statement. “All of the participating schools are grooming future environmental leaders who will oversee the environmental compliance, sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs of tomorrow for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and other organizations.”

The top 16 schools continue to compete toward becoming named “National Champion.” Enviance is looking for student and faculty participation in submitting short essays, social media clips or other pieces on why they should move on to the “Environmental Eight.” From there, the company will name the “Finest Four,” and then finally the “National Champion.”

The tournament will award $5,000 to the environmental department of the “National Champion.” The department chair or a member of the faculty will also receive an all-expenses-paid trip to San Diego to attend the Enviance User Conference from April 22-26. The winner also will lead a panel on teaching future environmental professionals.