Colorado State University’s Duhesa Gallery Showcases Exhibit about Native American Stereotypes

Colorado State University’s Duhesa Gallery is hosting a new exhibit, “That’s Not Me,” that features a collection of stereotypical items that often misrepresent Native Americans and their culture. The exhibit, on display through May 15, also showcases contemporary artwork by Native Americans that challenges these stereotypes.

A panel discussion, set for 5 p.m. Feb. 21 in the LSC Cherokee Park Ballroom, features CSU alumna Traci L. Morris with visiting artists America Meredith and Jacob Meders, and provides an opportunity to discuss the implications of misrepresenting Native Americans. A reception follows the discussion.

Traditionally stereotypical images of Native Americans misrepresent modern-day Native Americans by not recognizing them as a thriving culture, and rather depicting them as wild and untamed. The contemporary artwork at the exhibit will showcase how native people make meaning of their lives, their nations and their cultures.

To learn more about the exhibit, contact Doug Sink, program manager for the Lory Student Center Arts Program, at or (970) 491-2810.