Colorado State University Hosts Annual Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship Industry Forum in April

Colorado State University’s College of Business will present an exclusive, one-day Industry Forum on Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship for company executives, Thursday, April 11, in Denver. The forum will feature a best-practices panel, a sustainability and ethics negotiation workshop, networking opportunities, and a presentation by keynote speaker Quayle Hodek, founder and CEO of Renewable Choice Energy.

“Sustainability, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility are increasingly an integral part of any sound business strategy that transforms firms from merely transacting and surviving to actually making an impact and truly thriving,” according to Gideon Markman, CSU professor of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, who is helping to coordinate the event. “The questions most managers ask, however, are: Can my business really better the world? How can my firm become socially conscious? Or how can sustainability and corporate social responsibility give my enterprise competitive advantage and new growth? The answers to such transformative questions will be explored at the Industry Forum.”

The event meshes practical work and scholarly research and supports companies wishing to integrate sustainability, ethics and social responsibility into their daily routines and monetize their efforts. The event provides owners the chance to promote their company as an early adopter and a conscious partner.

Attendees will also acquire hands-on negotiation skills that transform sustainability or ethical dilemmas into growth opportunities in a workshop led by negotiation expert and conflict resolution consultant Michael Gross. Gross, an associate professor of management at Colorado State University, will introduce new negotiation skills and give access to a wide network of potential buyers, suppliers, managers, and thought leaders in this area.

“The Industry Forum is helping companies understand and integrate sustainability practices into their daily operations,” Markman added. “So whether you’re a small startup, mid-sized enterprise, or a large corporation, the Industry Forum is the best resource to shoulder and catapult your sustainability effort, from supply chain to clean energy to social responsibility, and beyond.”

The Industry Forum is also supported by the University of Denver, University of Colorado, and University of Northern Colorado. It takes place 7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m., on the University of Denver campus. Space is limited to 40 attendees.

 Upon completion, participants will become “SEE Members” – a designation which can be displayed on your company’s website. To register or learn more, go to, or contact Gideon Markman, 303-641-1009,