Plaid to be a Colorado State University Ram? Vote for the official CSU tartan!

Colorado State University design students are weaving an easy way to spot someone from the Ram clan: They have designed an official CSU tartan plaid.

CSU Rams – students, faculty and staff, alumni, donors and friends of the university — get to choose the winning design and can wear the tartan plaid pattern proudly this fall.

A tartan is traditionally known as plaid patterns worn in Scotland, often as a kilt or sash slung over the shoulder. Hundreds of years ago, Scottish warriors and their clans were identified by the specific pattern or patterns of plaid they wore. Soon, Ram fans can identify with the CSU clan through an official CSU plaid pattern. Student designs have been narrowed to a final three, inspired by the history of the university and carrying its official colors– sage and pumpkin colors from its Colorado A & M history and the current forest green and gold.

CSU students, faculty, staff and fans can vote on the final design at

Official CSU tartan plaid merchandise will be available in fall 2013 in the CSU Bookstore and other local and national retailers and will become a part of CSU’s rich tradition.

The final three designs were chosen from 76 designs submitted by 17 students majoring in interior design or apparel and merchandising. Their design competition, sponsored by CSU’s Division of External Relations, the CSU Bookstore and the Department of Design and Merchandising, was featured in a recent RambleOn video. Students had a month to develop their designs. The designs were narrowed to the final three by a committee which rated them based on contest requirements, creativity, adaptability of the design, and use of a tartan concept. The final three designs were announced at the annual student apparel show, which was held on March 8. Student Joel Lobo created two of the final designs and a design by Ajay Li also was selected.

“The students who participated were very excited about the project and about their designs, especially the different variations they developed,” said Kendra Allen, director of Academic and Administrative Operations for the Department of Design and Merchandising. “This contest involved students with great talent and showed a passion for the university that exists in our student body.”

The CSU Bookstore also played an important role in the project, offering gift certificates to the students with the final three spots, with $200 for first place, $125 for second place and $75 for third place. In addition, the bookstore will develop and license official tartan plaid merchandise and registering the final tartan plaid in Scotland in the Scottish Register of Tartans and the United States.

Voting will be open March 25 through April 7. The final tartan plaid selected will be announced on April 18, I Love CSU Day.

“The CSU Tartan Project adds to Colorado State University’s current traditions and offers ways for students, alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff to celebrate Colorado State University’s unique legacy,” said Jim Armstrong, assistant director of merchandise and supplies for the CSU Bookstore.

The Department of Design and Merchandising is part of the College of Health and Human Sciences, formerly the College of Applied Human Sciences.