Association of Student Activity Programming Brings Hip-Hop Artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to Colorado State University

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sell out venues across the country for prices as high as $257 a pop, but on Aug. 30, 2013, Colorado State University students can enjoy these rising stars for just $10 per ticket.

“Student tickets for this show are $10, as opposed to the regular price of $35 for non-students who wish to attend, essentially providing a discount of $25 to every student — more than 70 percent in savings,” said Amplitude Entertainment Founder Eric Kean.

This year, the Association of Student Activity Programming is working with Amplitude Entertainment to co-promote the Fall Concert and “bring the event to a new level.” Working with Amplitude helps lower expenses, bring in higher profile artists and continue to offer ticket prices that are affordable for students.

“In order to continue to bring huge acts to campuses, we work very far in advance with schools, generally starting the planning and booking process nine to 12 months in advance,” Kean said. “Additionally, since campuses are slowly experiencing budget cuts, and higher tuition, we have started to bring our own funding assistance into the game.”

After garnering nearly 2,000 student votes via text message, email and traditional tally, ASAP honored a campus preference for hip-hop artists when booking an artist for this year’s Fall Concert. This effort aligns with ASAP’s goal to make decisions with as much student feedback as possible.

“Student opinion drives everything we do,” said Kebrina Chirdon, co-concert coordinator. “We propose and implement programs based on market research that we do.”

In the past, ASAP presented students with a choice of specific artists and then worked to book their preferences, with varying success.

This year, ASAP had students pick a genre and then worked with Amplitude to find a great artist that the organization could afford – and that honored the student vote. This change brought CSU an artist more popular and recognizable than in previous years.

“Each year, ASAP strives to represent the diverse student population,” said Melissa Haenze, co-concert coordinator for the fall show. “This year particularly, we paid close attention to what was hot and current with the college scene.”

According to, Macklemore, or Ben Haggerty, and Ryan Lewis broke the record for the longest-running number one rap song atop Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart with “Thrift Shop.” The rapper and producer duo beat the previous record of 11 weeks, held by DJ Khaled’s 2011 hit, “I’m On One,” featuring rap superstars Drake and Rick Ross.

On April 5, their album, The Heist, achieved gold status, selling more than 550,000 copies. With a tour of Europe launching on Sept. 9, CSU may be Macklemore’s final stop in the States before heading over the ocean.

This is not Macklemore’s first performance in the area. The artist performed in April 2011 at the Aggie Theatre in Old Town, Fort Collins, and again last December.

Of the 10,000 available tickets, 5,500 will be available at the student price $10 – limited to one per person – and 4,500 at the community price of $35. There is no per person purchase limit for community tickets. Tickets will go on sale June 1 online at, by phone at (970) 491-4849, or in person at the LSC North Box office.

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