Colorado State University Researchers Named 2013 Boettcher Investigators

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Two Colorado State University researchers on the frontlines of biomedical research with implications for treatment of cancer, autism and other diseases, as well as new treatment advances for bacterial infections, are 2013 Boettcher Webb-Waring Early Career Research Investigator awardees.

Lucas Argueso, an environmental and radiological health sciences professor, and Brad Borlee microbiology, immunology and pathology professor, will each receive a three-year, $225,000 grant as part of the Boettcher Foundation’s Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Program, which helps recruit, retain and advance scientific talent in Colorado.

"We appreciate the generosity of the Boettcher Foundation, which directly helps our young researchers advance their careers and continue cutting-edge work,” said Colorado State University Vice President for Research Bill Farland, whose office helps select Boettcher finalists. "CSU is committed to research benefiting human health and developing innovations that can advance and improve medical treatments for the benefit of society. We are extremely proud that Drs. Argueso and Borlee are among our distinguished research faculty."

Argueso conducts research on a recently recognized type of genetic damage, known as copy number variations, or CNV, which is associated with some human cancers, autism and a spectrum of other diseases.

Borlee’s laboratory investigates biofilm formation in some chronic, bacterial diseases. Biofilms are found in 80 percent of human bacterial infections and represent a significant barrier to successful antibiotic-related cures.

"We are proud of Drs. Argueso and Borlee’s exciting work and confident that these generous, early-career Investigator Awards will accelerate our scientific discoveries and insights on disease," Farland said.

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