Colorado State University’s Integrated Resource Management Program Provides Training for Careers in Agriculture

Colorado State University’s Western Center for Integrated Resource Management is a pioneer in the concept of completing an integrated Masters of Agriculture degree in a one-year on-campus program.

The Integrated Resource Management (IRM) degree provides students with a broad understanding of today’s agricultural issues and opportunities through 10 consecutive courses offered over one academic year in a unique two-week per course modular format. Classroom instruction and directed hands-on problem solving teaches students theory and application in as well as provides training that gives students access to a diverse range of agricultural fields and careers.

The IRM graduate degree offers a blending of various disciplines into one integrated program. The integration is accomplished through faculty from various disciplines working together to provide a holistic approach to sustainable food production and land management practices.

The IRM program tackles all aspects of the agriculture business by addressing land, human, animal, business and economic resources and concepts. The IRM Masters of Agriculture degree provides students with the knowledge and skill-set necessary to manage agricultural lands and operations in a financially responsible manner with a goal of long-term sustainability and environmental stewardship.

“For me, IRM was one of the most important educational experiences I have ever had,” said Cecily Broomfield, former IRM student, business owner and research coordinator for CSU’s Orthopedic Bioengineering Research Lab. “It allowed me to enter into new fields, as well as mesh these skills with my science background to make me more desirable to prospective employers. It also gave me the confidence to start a business from the ground up. The most relevant and important skills I gained in the IRM program were in the areas of managing a business, including accounting, finance and marketing. These skills have greatly enhanced my ability to do both of my current jobs.”

Co-founded and directed by Kraig Peel, associate professor in CSU’s Department of Animal Sciences, the IRM program has space available for students interested in the 2013-14 degree program.

For more information about the IRM program, visit the WCIRM website at or contact Elizabeth Furuiye, IRM degree program coordinator, at or (970) 491-1610.