Colorado State University Illustrates Tuition Costs through Artistic Video

In a new video Colorado State University President Tony Frank explains how tuition numbers add up using a uniquely artistic method – one meant to draw out the explanation and make tuition more understandable to parents and students who often struggle to pay for college.

“A college degree is a big investment of time, energy and money,” said Frank. “I have three daughters in college myself, and when I look at their tuition bills, I know it’s easy to wonder, ‘Why does college cost so much? And why does tuition go up year after year?’”

In the video, titled “Where Do My Tuition Dollars Go?” President Frank teams up with Colorado State alumna Karina Mullen who is an artist. As Dr. Frank explains the complexities of tuition, Mullen uses pens and a large sketch pad to illustrate and explain how in-state tuition adds up. The video was produced by CSU’s Division of External Relations.

The financial figures in the “Tuition Dollars” video are built around the current in-state tuition and fees paid by a full-time student. That average student will pay tuition and fees that total $9,223 for the year: $7,494 in tuition, and $1,729 in fees.

Understanding why tuition costs what it does is important to understanding the value of investing in a college education, which is why the video was designed so students, parents and families could better understand the value of a Colorado State University education.

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