71st Plains Anthropological Conference Bringing Together Hundreds of Scholars to Discuss Ancient Lifeways

Colorado State University’s Department of Anthropology is helping sponsor the 71st Plains Anthropological Society Conference Oct. 2-6 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Loveland.

The conference, being hosted by CSU for the first time, brings together nearly 500 scholars of man’s history in the area. The event includes speakers, presentation of scholarly papers and tours of some of the area’s most significant archaeological sites.

“This is a great opportunity to highlight our anthropology and archaeology programs,” said Jason LaBelle, associate professor of archaeology and director of CSU’s Center for Mountain and Plains Archaeology. “We’ve been a leader in these areas for a long time, but this conference will really showcase our department.”

Colorado is a perfect place for the conference, LaBelle said, because of its significant Native American connections. More than 50 recognized Native American tribes have ties to the state, and Colorado is home to several significant archaeological sites.

“Colorado really has become the epicenter for Ice Age archaeology,” LaBelle said. “We have some of the most spectacular Ice Age sites in the country.”

During the conference, tours will be offered of the Kersey Terrace Ice Age encampments, 19th century trading posts in the South Platte River valley, and the Line Shack Draw site in the Red Mountain Open Space, which has evidence of Native American occupation dating nearly 7,000 years.

Keynote speaker is Doug Bamforth, professor of archaeology at the University of Colorado.

More information is available online at http://anthropology.colostate.edu/71st-plains-anthropological-conference/.