Colorado State University startup KromaTID hires new CEO

A Colorado State University startup company has hired a new chief executive officer.

KromaTID, Inc. hired Alex Vodenlich to run the company, which creates new products for disease research, mutation detection and chromosome analysis. He has more than 20 years of experience in the life science industry and is the former president and CEO of Gentel Biosciences Inc.

“We chose (Vodenlich) because of his successes in fundraising, sales and marketing of research reagents, and early-stage company development, all of which make him an exceptional fit for KromaTID,” said Terry Opgenorth, chairman of the company’s board of directors and vice president of CSU Ventures.

KromaTiD Inc. was founded in 2009 by three Colorado State professors and two other partners to create new products for chromosome analysis. Its patented dGHtm chromosome imaging platform can detect all types of DNA rearrangements, including previously undetected classes of mutations.

The company develops and markets dGHtm through a license with CSU Ventures, the technology commercialization agent for the University. KromaTID is one of 42 active startups developed from CSU research.

“This is very exciting news for KromaTID and CSU,” said Todd Headley, president of CSU Ventures. “The company has matured to where they are selling product and need to focus on commercialization. It is a good example of a CSU technology being developed to address real-world needs in biomedical reseach.”

Vodelich said KromaTID has all the elements in place to be successful – product development, protected intellectual property, market opportunity, management team experience and community resources.

“KromaTID’s dGHtm assays are already providing major research laboratories with powerful tools for understanding the roots of genetic disease,” he said. “With investor support, our goals in 2014 and beyond will be to build revenue traction and to initiate collaboration with strategic commercial partners.”