Woman with terminal cancer to walk in Colorado State University commencement ceremony Saturday

A Fort Collins woman just two years into her studies for a master’s degree in accounting will walk in commencement ceremonies with fellow students at Colorado State University this weekend.

After a 31-year career as an attorney with an expertise in securities and mergers, Patricia Cudd decided to pursue a business degree as a new life goal. Then she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer last August; the disease has now spread to other organs and is considered terminal.

Cudd has continued her studies while battling the disease, with the support of the faculty in the CSU Accounting Department.

“There were some months that Pat was not able to attend classes,” said Susan Meyer, manager of master’s programs in the College. “While the College of Business is known for its distance education programs, accounting classes aren’t usually offered that way. Every one of Pat’s instructors either allowed their classes to be taped or gave a special recorded lecture that Pat could follow in her own time.”

While she has not yet completed her degree, Cudd will join her classmates in the College of Business graduation ceremony at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 17, at Moby Arena.

“This is an honor beyond belief,” Cudd said. “This means so very much to me, but is also very important for those currently working their way through cancer. The message is this: Never give up hope.”

The story of Cudd and her dog Sherlock living in a motel room was carried nationwide in various media in April.

All CSU commencement ceremonies will be livestreamed on the Internet at the Commencement website; the link will go live 15 minutes before each ceremony begins.