Colorado State University takes natural resource management legacy online

 Students have a new opportunity to join a legacy of Colorado State University graduates who have become leading managers for some of the nation’s most prominent natural resource management organizations — without coming to campus. CSU has launched an online option of its Master of Natural Resource Stewardship (M.N.R.S.), designed for mid-level natural resource professionals who are looking to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary for advancement opportunities.

The natural resources management degree is a product of the Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship in CSU’s Warner College of Natural Resources, the most comprehensive college of its kind in the nation.

“CSU’s Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship has a 110-year history and reputation of excellence in leading the conservation and sustainable stewardship of our natural resources to balance both societal and environmental needs,” said Frederick “Skip” Smith, head of the department. “As we face new and more complex challenges, the need for well-trained natural resource managers is greater than ever.”

The program is at the forefront of natural resource education, transforming students into well-rounded leaders equipped with a comprehensive understanding of dynamic natural resource systems. Students learn how to solve real-world challenges through applicable, science-based management solutions. The curriculum is designed to address current and future issues facing the industry, with courses that cover topics such as natural environmental processes and how they interact with human systems, degraded landscape restoration principles, and the National Environmental Policy Act.

The M.N.R.S. degree program was developed to connect students with the growing demand for highly educated professionals with a passion for making long-lasting impacts in natural resource management. Renowned faculty from various disciplines who have direct experience with the economic, social, political and ecological effects of land degradation integrate real-world knowledge to the program. Working on global natural resource initiatives with government partners and organizations, CSU’s faculty offer inside perspective, first-hand knowledge and cutting-edge research to prepare students to lead within the industry.

Graduates of the on-campus program have earned successful careers with the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service and other local, state, and federal agencies, as well as nonprofit and private land management organizations.

Career opportunities

Ideal for professionals who have experience with natural resources and have built a network within the industry, the Master of Natural Resource Stewardship prepares students for roles that include:
• Environmental planner or coordinator
• Stewardship coordinator
• Environmental program manager
• Forester
• Range conservationist
• Land manager
• Restoration ecologist
• Wildfire management officer
• Soil conservationist
• Watershed specialist
• Wildland manager
• Land steward within the nonprofit sector

“Because the M.N.R.S. applies a comprehensive, systems-approach to natural resource management, graduates are prepared for a variety of career opportunities,” said Smith. “In the field of natural resources, having a degree from CSU gives students a competitive edge because of our strong reputation for education and our network of agency and NGO research partners.”

To learn more about the new online Master of Natural Resource Stewardship, please visit or contact Bruce Trameri at CSU OnlinePlus with specific questions, 970-492-4719.

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