TIP SHEET: Colorado State University professor available to comment on immigration

A Colorado State University professor who just wrote a book about immigration is available to comment on President Barack Obama’s Nov. 20 immigration speech.

Philip Cafaro, a CSU philosophy professor, uses environmental and economic arguments to make his case that the rapidly growing U.S. population needs to be curtailed by restricting the primary source of that growth: immigration.

In How Many is Too Many: The Progressive Argument for Reducing Immigration into the United States, a book to be published by the University of Chicago Press in mid-January, Cafaro argues that population growth leads to sprawling development, greater crowding, more pollution, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and less room on the planet for other species. He also says that flooding labor markets drives down wages for less-skilled workers, undermines unionization efforts, and increases economic inequality.

The book features dozens of interviews with Colorado residents: workers, employers, immigrants, natives and environmentalists.

Cafaro can be reached at Philip.Cafaro@colostate.edu.