National Hispanic Institute: Colorado State University is University of the Year

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Colorado State University was recently recognized as the University of the Year by the National Hispanic Institute. The honor recognized CSU’s 25-year-long partnership promoting and encouraging higher education within the Latino community.

The university, the only state-supported institution identified to work with NHI, was recognized for hosting the Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session each summer in addition to promoting participation through the Alliance Program and other partnership activities. The Alliance Program unites students, families, high school personnel, and the Colorado State University with a common goal of envisioning education beyond high school, ultimately sending a greater number of Colorado students to college.

“The National Hispanic Institute was founded to serve future leadership needs of the country via the Hispanic/Latino Community. Thirty five years ago, the founders of this program envisioned the importance of developing youth and community by providing leadership and academic programs. They have been successful in developing individuals who are now serving and making important contributions in government, education, science and industry. The programs of NHI, which now extends internationally, continue to make a difference in the lives of the young people they serve. We are proud to be recognized by this dynamic organization and look forward to continued collaboration,” said Vice President for Diversity Mary Ontiveros.

“CSU has consistently been a part of NHI’s work for almost 30 years. Whether it has been by sponsoring the LDZ, recruiting at fairs or the Collegiate World Series, serving of the College Register advisory board, or by making numerous scholarships available for high school students to attend the LDZ and NHI alumni who enroll in undergraduate studies, CSU has set a high standard for strategic partners who work with NHI in developing youth leaders,” said Ernesto Nieto, founder and president of NHI.