CableLabs CEO Phil McKinney and Apple VP Tara Bunch to headline FutureVisions 2020 Symposium at Colorado State University

Author and CableLabs CEO Phil McKinney and Apple Vice President Tara Bunch will deliver keynote presentations at Colorado State University’s FutureVisions 2020 Symposium April 24.

McKinney will open the event with a talk about “Next Exponential Technologies” in examining how innovations built on computing power, storage, and bandwidth are transforming global information and communication services. Continuous improvements in hardware and software performance relative to cost are creating exciting opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs and companies. McKinney will outline his predictions for exponential technologies which will affect global societies over the coming decade.

Bunch will deliver the closing keynote about her experiences with the Social Web and her predictions on how it might evolve in the future. Social media are a phenomenon worldwide, represented by Facebook’s 1.5 billion global users and the ubiquity of social media in all forms of human communication.

The interdisciplinary conference, which is free and open to the public, will be held from 1 to 5: p.m. in the Lory Student Center Theater on campus. A reception to meet the speakers will follow the symposium in the theater lobby from 5 to 5:45 p.m. Advance registration is required.

A complete schedule of presentations and registration is available at

The FutureVisions Symposium is a biennial conference on the future of global information and communication technology sponsored by the Information Science and Technology Center (ISTeC) at Colorado State.

Session speakers at this year’s event include:

·      CSU chemistry professor Amy Prieto, inventor of the solid-state Prieto battery, who will discuss the future of ICT mobility when battery power is the key constraint.  

·      Author and Wired magazine columnist Clive Thompson will appear live from New York in a teleconferenced conversation with CSU faculty about his book Smarter Than You Think about the digital augmentation of human intelligence.

·      National Weather Service meteorologist Nezette Rydell will speak about the future of role of big data in making human-generated weather forecasts. In an era of dramatic climate change, this will be a topic of great interest to many.

·      Educational technologist Anders Gronstedt will talk the future of transmedia and gamification in education and training. Game attributes are being incorporated in media sites and training programs to promote attention and information retention.

“New developments in wearable computers such as the iWatch and augmented reality devices such as Microsoft’s Hololens visualization system are transforming how humans interact with information and communication technologies,” said Pete Seel, a journalism and media communication professor at CSU. “FutureVisions 2020 provides six diverse perspectives on the future of information science and technology in brief 20- and 30-minute illustrated talks. The speakers were selected for their visionary viewpoints in their respective fields.

“This event is designed for students and it’s about their future,” Seel added. “We ask our speakers to look ahead five years from 2015 to 2020 and describe their vision. We want students to be thinking about their focus and how to plot their career trajectories to intersect with those visions.”