Colorado State experts can comment on Hurricane Patricia

Note to Reporters: The following Colorado State University experts are available to discuss Hurricane Patricia, a category 5 hurricane expected to hit southwestern Mexico Oct. 23. This tip sheet is intended as a media resource.

As more experts become available, access them at this link.


Philip Klotzbach, Colorado State University meteorologist and hurricane expert, is available via email and Twitter to comment on Hurricane Patricia.

Klotzbach is tweeting about the storm and its impacts. Follow him @philklotzbach. Email him:

Eric D. Maloney, professor of atmospheric science, can speak on tropical meteorology, hurricanes and ocean-atmosphere interactions. Email him:

Civil infrastructure

John van de Lindt, professor of civil engineering and co-director of the Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning, can comment on buildings and infrastructure and the impact of natural disasters on communities. Email him: