What’s love got to do with science? Find out from CSU relationship expert

Note to Reporters: To interview Jennifer Harman, send her an email: jennifer.harman@colostate.edu

FORT COLLINS – Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, friendship and intimacy. How about a deeper look at the science of what love is – and what it isn’t?

Jennifer Harman, associate professor of psychology at CSU, studies interpersonal relationships and health behaviors using social and psychological theory. She can answer questions about dating, marriage, family, and power dynamics in romantic relationships.

In 2013, she co-authored a book called The Science of Relationships that answers 40 common questions on topics ranging from attraction to sex to the effects of long-distance dating.

Most recently, Harman has studied the social-psychological effects of parental alienation within families: how children can be hurt by being alienated from one parent, by the other parent.

Harman can be reached at jennifer.harman@colostate.edu