CSU delegation heads to Germany for United Nations Climate Change Conference

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Mary Guiden

Peter Backlund, Gillian Bowser and Julia Klein will represent Colorado State University at the UN Climate Change Conference, which takes place in Germany Nov. 6-17.

Backlund serves as associate director of CSU’s School of Global Environmental Sustainability. He is a former senior advisor in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and a leading member of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Bowser, a research scientist in the Department of Ecosystem Science & Sustainability, is a member of the Research and Independent non-governmental organizations, and Women and Gender constituency. She will be following discussions related to the Paris Agreement. Bowser will be tweeting from Bonn: @gwsn2012

Klein, an associate professor in the Department of Ecosystem Science & Sustainability, will be working on a documentary that is focused on a dedicated group of people in the Peruvian Andes grappling with the severe and immediate effects of climate change. One of the main characters of the film is a farmer who is suing a German energy company for climate damages. The farmer will participate in public events, including the People’s Climate March, and he will also participate in a hearing for his lawsuit in Hamm during the climate talks.

Klein will also represent the Mountain Sentinels Collaborative Network, an international group of scientists and stakeholders working towards sustainability in mountains worldwide. During the conference, Klein will tweet from @MtnSentinels

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