Board of Governors Votes to Support “Yes” Vote on Proposition CC to Keep College Affordable

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DENVER, COLORADO – The Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System today unanimously passed a resolution supporting Colorado Proposition CC – a measure that, without raising taxes, would provide improved state support for colleges and universities, public schools, and roads and transportation across Colorado.

Colorado voters will decide on the ballot issue, which was referred to voters by the state legislature, in the November 5 election.

As a governing body, the Board of Governors has the authority under the Fair Campaign Practices Act to take a position on ballot issues that impact the CSU System. The Board noted that funding for Colorado higher education still lags behind pre-recession levels, even as costs have risen and state campuses are enrolling and graduating record numbers of Colorado students.

“We bemoan that public funding for higher education hasn’t recovered since the recession, and students are bearing the burden,” Board Chair Nancy Tuor said. “As a board, we don’t want to get into politics, but our campuses and students need this support.”

Proposition CC would ensure CSU System schools can stay affordable and accessible for Colorado students, particularly since more Colorado high school graduates choose CSU than any other campus in the state.



MATTER FOR ACTION:  Resolution of Support for Colorado Proposition CC, a Voter Referendum to Change the Constitutional Limitation on State Fiscal Year Spending to Support Public Schools, Higher Education and Transportation Projects


WHEREAS, the people of Colorado have been asked to vote November 5, 2019, on Proposition CC, to decide whether the State may retain excess state revenues to support higher education, public schools, roads, bridges, and public transportation; and

WHEREAS, the Colorado State University System and its institutions, including Colorado State University – Fort Collins, Colorado State University – Pueblo, and Colorado State University – Global Campus, share a unique and important mission to provide an affordable college education to all eligible students throughout this state and additional funding will allow the Colorado State University System to sustain its historic commitment to access and affordability; and

WHEREAS, a strong system of higher education is essential to a skilled workforce, a strong and growing economy, and global competitiveness for the industries and businesses that are Colorado’s backbone, and Colorado higher education is among the most efficient at producing degrees in the country; and

WHEREAS, the State of Colorado has not restored higher education funding to pre-recession levels and this funding is essential to delivering our mission; and

WHEREAS, it is our responsibility as a Board to advocate for our campuses, students, faculties, and the advancement of Colorado higher education, and the Colorado Fair Campaign Practices Act authorizes the Board of Governors, as a governing body, to formally take a position with respect to an election question by passing a resolution urging citizens to vote for or against the question.

NOW THEREFORE, the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System hereby supports and endorses the passage of Proposition CC to allow the state, without raising taxes, to retain excess revenue it is currently required to refund under existing state law in order to provide additional financial support to public schools, institutions of higher education, and transportation projects.

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