Media Tip Sheet: CSU experts available to discuss a variety of topics related to the holidays

Contact for reporters:
Jennifer Dimas
(970) 491-1543

Note to Editors: The following is a collection of holiday-related media tips that include experts and resources at Colorado State University. The tip sheet is intended to provide resources to reporters and is not intended as contact information for the public.

How much does it cost to give a pet as a gift?

Dr. Rebecca Ruch-Gallie is a veterinarian and clinical coordinator for the Community Practice group at CSU’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital and she can provide expertise about how much it costs to give a pet as a gift, keeping your pet safe during the holidays and traveling safely with your pet.

Help pets avoid hazards during the holiday season

Dr. Heather Weir is a veterinarian the Community Practice group at CSU’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital and she can provide tips to keep your pets safe and avoid hazards during the holidays.

Keep your pet healthy during the holidays

Dr. Camille Torres-Henderson is a veterinarian with the Community Practice service at CSU’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital and she can provide expertise about the importance of pet exercise to avoid a fat cat or pudgy pooch.

Healthy pet treats for the holidays

Dr. Jonathan Stockman, CSU veterinary nutritionist, can offer advice on pet nutrition and choosing healthy holiday pet treats.

Will Colorado have a white Christmas?

Colorado State Climatologist and Director of the Colorado Climate Center Russ Schumacher can talk about the likelihood of a white Christmas in Colorado.

High altitude baking tips and food safety during the holidays

’Tis the season for baking, and Colorado State University has some tips for making sure your high-altitude holiday treats turn out terrific. In fact, CSU is the birthplace of high-altitude cooking adjustments. CSU Extension Specialist Elisa Shackelton and Associate Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition Marisa Bunning can provide tips on high altitude baking and seasonal food safety.

Plan ahead for holiday meals

Carla Farrand, a Family & Consumer Science Agent for CSU Extension, can offer tips for hosting a holiday feast.

Holiday diet survival tips and avoiding weight gain

Shelby Cox, director of CSU’s Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center, offers holiday survival tips and can address mindful eating to avoid weight gain during the holidays.

Reducing stress during the holidays

Sue Schneider, Family & Consumer Science and Community Development Agent with CSU Extension in Larimer County, can provide information on reducing stress during the holidays, including self-care tips.

How to keep your poinsettia healthy and vibrant

The colorful beauty of poinsettias makes it one of the most popular holiday traditions. Joshua Craver, assistant professor of controlled environmental horticulture, can provide tips on how to care for poinsettias to keep them vibrant and healthy through the holiday season. For additional information, Professor of Floriculture Steven Newman dispels a popular myth about the decorative plant and CSU Extension offers a helpful fact sheet.

Holiday tree selection, cutting and care

Mike Hughes, assistant district forester for the Colorado State Forest Service Fort Collins District, can provide information about how to select, cut, transport and care for holiday trees, including recommendations on the best tree species.

Holiday tree safety/tree recycling tips

Vince Urbina, community forester for the Colorado State Forest Service, can talk about how to prevent holiday trees from becoming fire hazards by selecting the right tree and providing simple tree care, as well as offer information about how, why and where to recycle trees after the holidays.


Dan West, forest entomologist for the Colorado State Forest Service, can talk about firewood issues including how to determine if the wood is safe to transport from bark beetle-killed trees, what causes a crunching sound in unburned firewood and other firewood insect issues. He can also cover tips on buying wood such as how firewood is measured, which wood types put out the most heat and what kinds of wood consumers should not buy.